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About the Artist:
This is going to be short.

I have no art training or education at all.

I don't think I've taken an art class since 6th grade - that was sometime in the 60's.

I don't have a degree in anything.

I wasn't "always interested in art ever since I was young".

I wasn't interested at all until I was in my late 30's.

Then I just kind of exploded.

Then I had chronic depression for about 10 years and imploded.

Hopefully, I'm re-exploding now.

Completely self-taught artist.

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher.
(thanks, Van Morrison!)

Mosaic Art

Mosaic Mirrors and Tables

Mosaic Photo Frames / Picture Frames and Carryalls

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What is it?

These are all eggshell mosaics, mosaic art pieces made with tiny pieces of egg shell. I have been working with egg shell mosaics for about 16 years, although I stopped for about 10 years. I’ve sold pieces at art fairs, but never tried selling mosaics on the web.
Mostly, I work on wood, but I have worked on papermache, glass and metal. I clean the membrane thoroughly from the egg shell and then I color them. They are NOT painted. Painting would create a flat all-one color and if you look closely at the closeup photos, you can see that each egg shell has color variegation. This creates the true look of mosaics. I use a translucent mixture that I mix up myself.
Then I apply the eggshells with a special glue to the painted wood. I push them down flat and make sure that they do not overlap with another piece. When done, I seal the whole piece with gloss varnish. They feel like real mosaics too, smooth but with some texture and cool to the touch. These are MADE to be touched and can be cleaned with simply a slightly damp cloth.

Prices include shipping via USPS.

Mosaic Picture Frames

Mosaic Photo Frames

Mosaic Picture Frame 5 X 7 Blues

Blue Mosaic Frame


This picture frame is aggressively blue. There's about 6 different colors of blue in there including: Denim, Navy, Air Force Blue, Egyptian Blue, Persian Blue, Royal Blue and Indigo. This frame is so very very blue that it screams to be noticed. Perfect for photos of sea and sky or to bring out someone's very blue eyes!
This is a 7 X 9" frame that fits a 4 X 6" photos perfectly. Egg Shell Mosaic in many shades of blue covers the top of the frame. The whole is coated in high gloss varnish. Fold in metal tabs hold the glass and cardboard behind the photo in place and there is an alligator hanger on the back for easy hanging on a hook or nail. $40.00 USD Shipping included

Mosaic Photo Frame Copper, Green and Turquoise

5 X 7 Mosaic Picture Frame


This is a striking AND interesting frame for your photo. This is an 8 X 10" frame, that fits a 5 X 7 photo. The frame is painted black and has an egg shell mosaic in shinny copper, dark green and turquoise. These colors really go well together and you'd swear that's real pieces of copper in there! The whole thing is sealed in glossy varnish to protect it and give some shine.
The back has two bendable metal clips that hold the glass, photo and cardboard in place and two sawtooth hangers so you can hang it either vertically or horizontally.
$40.00 USD Shipping included

Very Small Photo Frame Rainbow 5 1/2 X 5 1/2

Small Mosaic Photo Frame


This is a stand alone rainbow mosaic frame. It's small - only 5 1/2 X 5 1/2" and fits a 3 X 3" photo. The back has both a attachment for hanging on the wall and a slot for putting on a surface.
Painted black with rainbow mosaic in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Cute Puppy photo not included
$20.00 USD Shipping included

Mosiac Caddies/Carryalls

Lilac Mosaic Caddy


This wooden carryall has heart cutouts on each of the short sides. It's 10 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches and 4 1/2 inches deep. It's a good size for many things and would be lovely to serve bread/rolls/muffins in.
The colors were inspired by lilacs, then I had to wait two weeks for them to bloom in Maine! The outside, both long sides and both short sides are painted lavender and then I applied egg shells in lilac, lavender, wisteria, amethyst, mauve and plum (see closeup of mosaic). The inside is painted a deep purple and the bottom has purple and white eggshells. The whole thing has multiple coats of gloss varnish, to seal and give some shine.
Signed and year dated on the bottom. This is an unique and beautiful piece, and perfect for anyone who loves ANY shade of purple - because whatever the shade, it's in there!
Lilacs not included.

font color="aqua">$50.00 USD Shipping included

Rainbow Carryall


This wooden carryall is 12 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches and 1 3/4 inches deep. It's a good size for many things including nail polish, perfume, note cards/pens/stamps.
This is so bright and happy! The carryall is painted black all over and then I applied egg shells in red, orange, yellow, green,blue and purple (see closeup of mosaic). The egg shell mosaic is on both long sides, both short sides and the inside bottom. The whole thing has multiple coats of gloss varnish, to seal and give some shine.
Signed and year dated on the bottom. This is a particularly beautiful color grouping, I often make pieces with this rainbow mosaic.
$45.00 USD Shipping included

Mosaic Art

Mosaic Mirrors and Tables

Mosaic Photo Frames / Picture Frames and Carryalls

Gallery of Sold Piecs and Commission Information

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